Hummus Sapiens

Blog sobre Historia de la gastronomía, la cocina y la alimentación

Guía de restaurantes y locales en Madrid (y alrededores)

El blog Hummus Sapiens en Madrid nace como el hermano chulapo de Hummus Sapiens para todos aquellos que vivan o visiten Madrid (y alrededores) y deseen conocer los mejores restaurantes, tabernas y establecimientos culinarios de la ciudad agrupados por categorías.

Asimismo, puedes consultar el mapa culinario de Madrid  (y el mapa culinario de sus alrededores) para situar los restaurantes comentados en el blog o planificar tus próximas salidas gastronómicas. Espero que te sea de ayuda ¡y que dejes tu opinión sobre los establecimientos comentados!

hummus sapiens

Hummus Sapiens.

16 comentarios el “Guía de restaurantes y locales en Madrid (y alrededores)

  1. Anónimo
    6 abril, 2017

    Hola Javier nos encanta tu blocs y de ahora en adelante lo seguiremos 😉 Carmen y Gülcan

    • Hummus Sapiens
      6 abril, 2017

      Es un honor contar con dos lectoras​ como vosotras. Espero que os guste y no defraudaros. Muchos besos y feliz viaje.

  2. Alicia
    1 noviembre, 2016

    Hi , Javier . It’s Alicia García from 1ºB, this is not the first time I write to you. The last time, I said I was from 1ºA but I’m not , hahaha , sorry. I write you to comment some questions, because tomorrow is the exam and I didn’t tell them to you last week . I’m sorry to bother you on a holiday day…
    I have studied from your powerpoints, but I have also reviewed some things from the book and I saw different things that , please, I need you to explain me :
    1. The container used to give shape to a liquid when it hardens is called a mold, that’s what was in your powerpoint but in the book says that is called cast, can we call it in both ways?
    2. In the powerpoint says that some settlements became into cities in the Neolithic , but in the book says that happened in the Metal Age. Is correct to say that this happened in both periods ?
    3. Menhirs forming a line is called a stone row according to the book, but in the Powerpoint is called alignment, and that’s how I’ve learned, it’s okay in both ways?
    Thank you very much for your time, Javier. See you tomorrow .
    Alicia .

  3. Anónimo
    7 octubre, 2016

    Hi Javier! It´s Javier Fauste from 1ºA. I was curious about what Ivan mentioned this morning in class, so i searched hummus sapiens and this came out. It´s a nice blog and it´s very interesting, great job! You´re so cool! Greetings.

    • Hummus Sapiens
      7 octubre, 2016

      Hi Javier. Thank you very much for your comments. I told you: I’m not an Homo Sapiens Sapiens… but an Hummus Sapiens!!!! I have written a post about mellow (tuétano), the most delicious food for Palaeolithic people. I hope you like it. Have a good weekend!

  4. Alicia
    28 septiembre, 2016

    Hi Javier! It’s Alicia García from class of 1ºA (Gregorio Peces-Barba) .
    I don’t know if you remember that this morning (or afternoon) when you told us to look for “hummus sapiens” I told you I thought that was your blog … Well , I wasn’t wrong . I’m proud to have a good teacher like you! From the first class of Geography I realized that you were great!
    Your blog is amazing! Keep it up! I love it!
    Greetings ,
    Alicia . (Sorry if it’s not very well written but I wrote it very quickly!)

    • Hummus Sapiens
      28 septiembre, 2016

      You’re so clever, Alicia… and your English is almost perfect! I hope you’ll like the classes during the whole year, as well as the blog. Thank you very much for your comment. Good bye.

  5. Anónimo
    28 septiembre, 2016

    Hello Javier, im Ariadna from class 1º B, i searched hummus sapiens in internet and i just found this, and more food and food… i just want to kwnow if you were kidding in class… do you? I just found more and more food. Ah, and i also make a joke about mummies
    knock knock
    who´s there?
    Oh, hello mum how are you?

    • Hummus Sapiens
      28 septiembre, 2016

      Hahahaha. I told you: Hummus Sapiens are a new step in the evolution process. Would you be one? Read his blog and you’ll learn lot of new things. Enjoy it!

  6. Anónimo
    19 mayo, 2016

  7. Anónimo
    19 mayo, 2016

    hi javierus maximus im adrian of 1 c 🙂

    • Hummus Sapiens
      19 mayo, 2016

      Hi Adrián. I don’t know what I like the most, if Hummus Sapiens or Javierus Maximus. I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog. Take care.

  8. Anónimo
    27 enero, 2016

    hii Im renata from 1 year A and is vomitivo the things of the sussages
    i never going to eat then again !!!
    good blog 🙂

    • Hummus Sapiens
      27 enero, 2016

      Thank you Renata. Fortunately, you can eat sausages nowadays… but keep away for some burgers! Bye.

  9. Anónimo
    15 octubre, 2015

    Hi javier im a student of first year c in the high school of gregorio peces barba you told us to search about hummus sapiens sapiens and i appeared on thi blog that is yours about food

    • Hummus Sapiens
      15 octubre, 2015

      Great done! Now, you’ve evolved into an Hummus Sapiens too! Congratulations!


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